In 2020, we went electric, replacing our two gas cars, a 2011 Honda Pilot and a 2014 VW Jetta, with two plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), a 2017 Chevy Bolt and a 2021 Tesla Model Y. I had a goal to get our carbon footprint down to zero and going electric was part of that goal.

I hadn’t really anticipated replacing both our cars in one year, but the novelty and fun of electric won me over. We bought the Bolt first to replace our VW Jetta and I fell in love with that little car. Living in Seattle, the Bolt…

According to the polls, 40% of all Americans and 80% of Republicans approve of Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

This is surprising given the facts we are surrounded by.

We entered this crisis as the country ranked in 2019 the #1 most prepared country to handle a global pandemic by an international panel of experts. The United States is touted as having the most advanced healthcare, is chock full of leading epidemiologists and is the wealthiest country in the world with the most resources to respond. We were ready.

Where are we now? The very worst, with over…

Chris Rodde

husband, proud father of 2, cyclist, entrepreneur, tree hugger

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